Stockert Family Reunion

In early July I spent about four days on Lake Erie for for the triennial Stockert Family Reunion. Since I missed the reunion in 2011 I knew I had to make it to this years gathering. It was so wonderful to spend quality time with family. There was a lot of catching up and reconnecting; as well as, time for reminiscing about the family we’ve lost over the years. It reminded me just how lucky I am to call such loving and beautiful people my relatives.













Hard to believe it’s been about a month since these were taken! It’s been a busy July to say the least….

Garrett and I are off to Mexico on Thursday, so be looking out for vacay photos next week 🙂


Quick Trip to RDU & ORF


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of cramming in two short trips to Raleigh, NC and Norfolk, VA. Although my trips were extremely short, roughly less than 24 hours in each city, I came away with a few observations and hopes to return for pleasure.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of Raleigh, but rather Morrisville (where the airport is)! Working for an airline there isn’t really a need to rent a car. My work is usually at the airport and I generally stay at crew hotels with airport shuttles. Depending on where the airport is located in a city, it can be a big deal or not really matter. In the case of the whole Raleigh-Durham-Morrisville region, you should definitely rent a car. It is practically a necessity. Despite being by the airport and not really venturing out, I really appreciated how forested and beautiful the area was.

NOTE TO SELF: Visit Raleigh, rent a car, eat yummy southern food, and take a drive through the stunning state of North Carolina!


Norfolk was spectacular! It’s sad to say, but I almost deiced not to stay there, hoping i could just fly in and out for my day of meetings. Thankfully that option didn’t work out and i was able to experience a bit of  coastal Virginia. The hotel I stayed at was right on the water in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately i got in a little too late to find a great local restaurant in walking distance, but the hotel’s food was alright. I had just enough time before sunset to walk along the marina and explore a few blocks of down town. I would have love to explore a bit more, but if I have limited knowledge of a city I try to head back to my hotel around dusk. This was one of my favorite trips this year, but I absolutely need to come back with the boyfriend and explore more of Norfolk and nearby Virginia Beach!








Just Plane Essential’s


Since I fly ALOT, I thought it be a good idea to share the 10 airplane travel essentials that are always in my bag. When I’m traveling for work I usually have 3-4 flights to catch a day, for three days straight. Packed flights and layovers can be exhausting, but over the years I’ve discovered a few essentials to help get me through!

1. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones , these block out airplane noise like nobody’s business! If you take them off mid-flight, it’s like sensory overload…PLANES ARE SO LOUD!

2. Tablet.

3. A great read (my current obsession).

4. Various chap and lip sticks (I always have trouble finding one when I need it, so I carry lots and lots and lots)

5. Hand sanitizer! Let’s face it people = germ factories.

6. Reading glasses.

7. Inflatable Neck Pillow , I’ve had this one for 6years and it’s still going strong.

8. Large scarf, great as a blanket or extra neck support.

9. Pepto Bismal and Advil… Head aches and upset stomachs can strike anytime, and feeling like crap while flying is the pits.

10. Wasabi Soy or Plain Unsalted Almonds. The wasabi soy are literally out if this world AMAZING!!! If you’ve never tried them just go ahead and do it, you know you want to 😉



My name is Beth, I’m a twenty-something gal living in Dallas, TX with my boyfriend of three years and our cat Bellatrix. I currently have a fantastic job at a major U.S. airline that not only brings me joy, but allows me to pursue my passion for traveling. My love for travel can be directly attributed to my awesome parents, who 15 years ago packed up our house in suburban Chicago and move my twin brother and I to Singapore. Their love for trying new things and experiencing different cultures inspires me daily!

I started this blog to document my travel for pleasure and work. I hope my experiences and advice make you laugh, bring you some joy, and above all else inspire you to get out and explore this big beautiful world!

Carpe Diem ❤