Quick Trip to RDU & ORF


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of cramming in two short trips to Raleigh, NC and Norfolk, VA. Although my trips were extremely short, roughly less than 24 hours in each city, I came away with a few observations and hopes to return for pleasure.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of Raleigh, but rather Morrisville (where the airport is)! Working for an airline there isn’t really a need to rent a car. My work is usually at the airport and I generally stay at crew hotels with airport shuttles. Depending on where the airport is located in a city, it can be a big deal or not really matter. In the case of the whole Raleigh-Durham-Morrisville region, you should definitely rent a car. It is practically a necessity. Despite being by the airport and not really venturing out, I really appreciated how forested and beautiful the area was.

NOTE TO SELF: Visit Raleigh, rent a car, eat yummy southern food, and take a drive through the stunning state of North Carolina!


Norfolk was spectacular! It’s sad to say, but I almost deiced not to stay there, hoping i could just fly in and out for my day of meetings. Thankfully that option didn’t work out and i was able to experience a bit of  coastal Virginia. The hotel I stayed at was right on the water in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately i got in a little too late to find a great local restaurant in walking distance, but the hotel’s food was alright. I had just enough time before sunset to walk along the marina and explore a few blocks of down town. I would have love to explore a bit more, but if I have limited knowledge of a city I try to head back to my hotel around dusk. This was one of my favorite trips this year, but I absolutely need to come back with the boyfriend and explore more of Norfolk and nearby Virginia Beach!